$ 0.019319
0.00000000 BTC
$ 441,070
Volume (24h)
$ 476
Circulating Supply
23,475,298 IRD
Total Supply
25,000,000 IRD

What is Iridium?

Sometimes you need a stable, secure and anonymous coin to handle your transactions. There are a lot of coins out there to choose from, but Iridium (IRD) is your best choice! Using Iridium (IRD) assures your coins maintain their value now and well into the future. From their strong stable network of 12+ global nodes to our diverse E-commerce focused application set, they have your use cases covered. Like Iridium, the element, Iridium (IRD) Coin is rare and a true store of value; only 25 million will ever be made.

Early miners reap the most benefits, with 12.5 million (IRD) being awarded to miners in the first year (September2017-September 2018). Iridium (IRD) Coin Miners are protected from unfair difficulty increases by a unique block-focused difficulty retargeting algorithm. This means you're ensured a stable mining reward... yes, even single CPU or GPU mining people are treated fairly! For more information, check out the Official Iridium (IRD) Mining Pool... they think their strength lies within their community.

From their integration-oriented development team to our enthusiastic user base; the Iridium (IRD) community has come together to form some amazing products over the years. Their integration with WordPress and WooCommerce brings Their Coin capability to over 50 million sites! Our brightest and best work is yet to come. You won’t see their community leaders mindlessly tweeting about vapor-partnerships that never result in anything. They are focused, heads-down, working hard to bring the Iridium (IRD) community the best product for transactions the crypto world has to offer. Finally, they are putting up the “Investors Welcome” sign! Iridium (IRD) Coin is a no ICO coin; They do not have a shady starting point like many ICO coins out there. Their coin also had no Premine; you won’t have a large group of insiders looking to "whale" splash this coin into oblivion either.

Looking for a healthy, small supply, low-market-cap coin that can be used for secure and anonymous transactions, hop on one of several exchanges (TradeOgre and Crex24) and trade into Iridium (IRD). We aren’t here to change the world with crypto. Too strong? Well, yeah, maybe; really (not really!). We are here to change your mind about crypto. "Put your Faith In Iridium (IRD) The Privacy Coin You Can Trust!"

For more information, check out the Iridium (IRD) Whitepaper: & Join the Iridium (IRD) Community:

Iridium current price is $ 0.019319. Iridium's market price has increased 0.65% in the last 24 hours. Its rank is 2328 amongst all cryptocurrencies with daily volume of $ 476.

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